advantages of an inverter generator

What Are The Advantages Of An Inverter Generator?

What are the advantages of an inverter generatorDo you know why people prefer an inverter generator than a conventional generator though the price of an inverter generator is higher? Obviously, there is something special in the inverter generator that no other generator models offer. The benefits of inverter generator are numerous no matter what purpose you use it. In this article, we are going to explain what are the advantages of an inverter generator. So let us get started to know one by one.

What Is An Inverter Generator?

An inverter generator is such a unit that produces and converts DC electrical energy into more amount of AC electrical energy but not in the form that the engine of the generator can use it directly. In an inverter generator, the raw electric energy first gets transformed into DC power. After that, the DC power turns into standard 120-volt, 60-Hz AC power. This is how an inverter generator works and gives you much more stable AC power than a conventional generator.

Difference Between An Inverter Generator And A Regular Generator

Inverter generators are produced by using the latest technology to ensure higher efficiency, safer power, and better performance. But the conventional generators are not produced by that type of technology. In this section, we will highlight the differences between an inverter generator and a regular generator. So you will get a clear idea of everything and be able to make the right decision while purchasing a generator. Below are the main differences between these two:What is the difference between an inverter generator and a regular generator

In terms of producing current:

The key differences between an inverter generator and a traditional generator lie in the fact of producing the current type. An inverter generator produces current or electricity in 3 phases, such as High-frequency Ac, then DC, and then back to a stable and safe AC electricity. But the conventional generator only produces AC electricity or current all the time. An inverter generator also produces a stable sine wave that is considered as a source of clean electricity. But the conventional generator delivers a more messy sine wave.

Power and Fuel Efficiency:

The conventional generator can produce more power compared to an inverter generator. On the other hand, traditional generators are not fuel-efficient. They consume much more fuel to produce current. However, the inverter generators are much more fuel-efficient, though they can produce less current.


There is no doubt that the inverter generator is more portable than the traditional generator. As the inverter generators are compact and lightweight, you will get a better portability advantage from an inverter generator. On the other hand, the traditional generator is not portable like the inverter generators. They are larger in size and heavier in weight.

Fuel Tank:

The fuel tank of an inverter generator is smaller in comparison with the conventional generator fuel tank. Since conventional generators produce more power, they need a larger fuel tank.

Noise Level:

An inverter generator produces less noise than conventional generators. We all know that the traditional generator is widely famous for making a huge noise. Since the inverter generator doesn’t need to run the engine at its full speed, it produces less noise.

Parallel Connections:

The inverter generators offer a parallel connection. But the conventional generators have no such type of connection or benefits. So, in this case, an inverter generator also differs from a traditional generator.


You will see an inverter generator produces quite fewer greenhouse emissions if you compare it with a conventional generator. So the inverter generators are environment-friendly. But the conventional generators are not that much environment-friendly.


The price of the inverter generators is higher compared to the conventional generators. But in the long run, an inverter generator is cost-efficient than a traditional generator.

Note: We have highlighted some of the differences between these two types of generators in brief, so you get an overall idea of it. But if you want to know more about what is the difference between an inverter generator and a regular generator, you can go through the article here.

What Are The Advantages Of An Inverter Generator?

Though the idea of an inverter generator hasn’t been around for so long, the popularity is increasing rapidly worldwide. If you come to know the advantage of an inverter generator, you will understand why people more and more intend to use this type of generator. Among a huge number of the advantages of an inverter generator, we are going to mention some below:

Source of more stable power incessantly:advantages of an inverter generator

An inverter generator provides more stable power compared to other traditional generators in the market. This type of generator produces more AC power, so you get an uninterrupted power supply for a long period.

High-Quality power output:

An inverter generator produces and delivers high-quality power output that you will not get from any other generator available in the market. The power you get from an inverter generator is as safe as the power you get from your home outlets.

Compact and lightweight:

An inverter generator is compact and lightweight than other traditional counterparts. Because of the compact and lightweight design of an inverter generator, you can easily move and store it anywhere you want.

Higher fuel efficiency:

An inverter generator is developed by Eco-Throttle™ technology that makes the generator engine to produce only the needed power for any specific application by adjusting the engine speed automatically. As a result, the engine of this generator doesn’t need to run at its full capacity or speed constantly. So you can save on fuel cost with an inverter generator.

Quiet operation: What are the advantages of an inverter generator

As we mentioned earlier that an inverter generator is designed with Eco-Throttle technology, so you get quiet operation from an inverter generator. Eco-Throttle reduces the noise level from the inverter generator and provides you less noisy performance. Since the engine doesn’t need to run on the full speed all the time, it produces less noise.

Safe for electronics:

An inverter generator can produce safe power, so you get a safe source of power for your cellphones, laptops, computers, TVs, refrigerators, and other electronics appliances. This type of generator works as a clean power source for your electronic appliances.


An inverter generator consumes less fuel than any other traditional generators. So at the same time, you can save money on fuel costs and use less fuel that is beneficial for the environment as well as the planet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are inverter generators more efficient?

Yes, the inverter generators are more fuel-efficient than any other type of generators available in the market.

Can an inverter generator power a refrigerator?

Yes, you can power different electronic appliances such as refrigerators, cellphones, computers, TVs, etc.

Why is an inverter generator better?

An inverter generator is better than a conventional generator because of a lot of reasons such as fuel efficiency, cost efficiency, noise level, safe power, quiet operation, lightweight, portability, and a lot more.

Why are inverter generators so quiet?

The inverter generators are developed with the Eco-Throttle technology that makes the operation of this generator so quiet.

Final Remarks

We have covered all the details of most of the aspects of the benefits of an inverter generator. So hopefully, you got to know everything about what are the advantages of an inverter generator. As an inverter generator is cost-efficient in the long run and eco-friendly, you can consider this type of generator over the traditional one when you think of choosing an inverter generator

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